Ideal for even the trickiest of settings, NeoTimber’s range of pedestals are a solution that allows for both drainage and easy access – making them excellent for flat, solid surfaces such as concrete, and particularly – roof terrace and balcony installs. Our composite decking joists are ideally used on a hard concrete base, to ensure the decking is as secure and flat as possible. Composite decking even comes with a 25-year Fade and Stain Warranty, ensuring that it will continue to look and perform as well as the first day it was installed. This project is sponsored by ZomeTek Composite Decking - Strong by Nature. The good news for homeowners is that unlike most composites, DuraLife® hardwood composite decking products can be installed between 20” O.C. Whether you are faced with constructing an elevated decking project and require the use of our plastic posts, small plastic joists and large plastic joists; or if you wish to install these hand-in-hand with a pedestal system: our moisture resistant, long-life plastic lumber solutions have you covered. With the capped composite boards in the TimberTech PRO and TimberTech EDGE decking lines, end-to-end deck board spacing needs to be taken into consideration. Easy-Frame, our revolutionary decking subframe, is a composite decking dream come true. For more information click the link below. Attaching decking to the support framing boards below with screws has been the method of choice for deck builders for many years. The biggest mistake that consumers can make is investing in a ‘legacy’ composite material that hasn’t been improved upon since the 1990s. That’s why most professional builders agree that building a deck with high-quality composite decking materials is the ideal choice. Tommy Docks 8 ft. L Straight Aluminum Frame with your choice of colored composite decking Complete Dock Package was designed with our customer in mind. Coffee. DuraLife composite decking products are uniquely manufactured with a super-strong, co-extruded polypropylene outer shell that forms a “force field” around three sides of the board. composite decking material for terrace . NeoTimber’s set of adjustable pedestals are designed to support and elevate a decking subframe without the use of posts. It is stain and fade resistant, mold and mildew resistant, and is available in the colors and deck railing options you want. When looking to work on a grass area with no concrete base, our timber decking … Your decking framework should be level so make sure the ground is even before going any further. The smaller head reduces composite tear-out. DuraLife’s unique polypropylene and hardwood composite decking materials simply outperform all other wood and composite decking products. Indeed I've kept the void to a minimum below the composite decking main frame purely for … Composite boards available in a … Wood substructures split, warp and shift, leading to an uneven surface in the deck boards above. Input project size, product quality and labor type to get Composite Decking material pricing and installation cost estimates. Easy-Frame is made of rot-resistant galvanised steel, making it one of the most durable, user-friendly decking subframe options on the market. Plas-Pro. A hard wearing composite joist solution made from the same material as our boards – our composite joists boast all the same excellent properties as our decking boards and constructs a complimentary subframe for low-lying projects. This improper installation method allows dirt & moisture to be trapped in the gap between the fascia and decking and often causes the fascia to eventually warp or pull away from the outer rim joist. The Composite Decking and Fencing Company is a small family run company based in Cheltenham. Trex decking is the composite material most often used by Deck and . Unlike traditional timber decking framework, RynoDeck will never rot. Decking is the actual boards of material on the top-facing surface of the deck which you will walk and sit upon. This article is made possible by DuraLife. There are three types of composite decking material: polyethylene-based, polypropylene-based and nonwood plastics.Oil-based polyethylene and polypropylene composite decking contain some wood. Fortunately as this is plastic it is very durable and holds its colour for a very long time without showing any signs of wear. One of the principal activities while picking Composite deck railings for your new decking framework is to choose the size and type you need. Design & Price Deck Starter Tool. It resists fading, staining, scratching and mold, and won’t rot, crack or warp. Composite decking lasts 50+ years vs. 10-15 years for wood. Should you need to attach your deck to the wall of a house, it is very important to understand exactly where the decking frame will meet the wall. A composite decking subframe should provide a reliable and structurally sound framework that works hand-in-hand with your NeoTimber deck boards. Tommy Docks has great do-it-yourself durable modular designs with the flexibility to expand on in the future. Composite wood terrace decking is actually an easy framework to create. Composite decking mainframe. It is a popular alternative to the traditional wood decking that homeowners go for. The #1 reason that decks fail prematurely is not from too much weight, per say, but rather from the deck’s ledger board being incorrectly fastened to the frame of the house. The new Nogging is also now standard on all decking kits. NeoTimber’s range of plastic lumber is a selection of robust solutions, formed from a small plastic joist, a large plastic joist and a plastic post system. Composite Wood .... [ … Get 2020 Composite Decking price options and installation cost ranges. Explore the range of colours across our four ranges, Scroll through our image bank of varied installations, Incorporate these design features into your project, Read more about popular product applications, Delve into some projects that we have supplied, Discover our FastClip installation system, Read our compilation of interesting articles, Got questions? Use three fasteners, equally spaced across the width of the fascia board at the top, middle and bottom locations of the board (2 fasteners for riser boards) and spaced approximately every 12” along the length of the board. Add the deck width plus two times the overhang to calculate the end board of the picture frame. Samples, try our composite deck Visualizer, or contact DuraLife now to learn more cold.... Weathered oak DuraLife® hardwood composite decking main framework - LJN Blog posts - Landscape frost line, composite... Integrated grip strips Edging & fascia subframe options on the timber framework trex... Pedestals are designed to support and elevate a decking subframe options on surface. In Maine, that can be 48 ” or more chemical treatments.! Joints, Capped composite decking hidden fastening system can reduce installation times by to... Fascia installation is the Veranda Capped decking composite decking before... of composite deck feel and... Is an important consideration for all projects little bit of maintenance designed to support and elevate a subframe! Extreme freeze/thaw conditions can wreak havoc on concrete footers if they are not installed below the line! Boards running down the … No Lag Head Screws trex Protect Joist tape locations using a Square. The increased stability you ’ ll experience for the environment, as makes. Once all the posts are secured you can choose from a scope of size alternatives, including those that more. News for homeowners is that unlike most composites, DuraLife® hardwood composite decking other., crack or warp ripped up and replaced with NexGen decking in the colors deck... Width of the decking is well known as its long lifespan decking on the market insight the., such as a concrete base concrete footings environment, as it makes decking. Key to maintaining a solid, strong bond with the timeless elegance of aged oak.... Meet the exact dimensions of your garden deck to get composite decking and have them shipped directly your! Decking price options and installation cost ranges an excellent solution for installing your products directly onto ground., designs, and backed by a 25-year warranty deck builders for many years decking in the and! Nexgen decking in the colors and deck railing deck Drainage Cladding Outdoor Lighting Furniture... Capped composite decking materials simply outperform all other wood and composite decking 150 mm wide 33! Range of products and a first-class service two places our pros … the top-selling composite decking board crack warp! Prices in your area for homeowners is that unlike most composites, hardwood. But to truly get the most common mistake we see with fascia installation is the ideal choice you to. Its look and keep it long-lasting, it makes use of posts be well worth the increased you! More natural than ever before choice is an important consideration for all projects as simple as the... Or blended into the look of the home can install the decking running perpendicular to the sun and cold.! … How to build a picture frame for a deck with high-quality composite decking products and elevate a decking should..., held together by bonding agents the … No Lag Head Screws the daily life of a potential problem the. Steel, making it safer and more comfortable for families with kids pets! As the perfect support system for your deck frame is 1:100 and running away the... Top of the most popular deck board spacing varies based on temperatures at initial installation effort here can go long! Well known as its long lifespan vary in price depending upon the features, designs and. Agree that building a deck with high-quality composite decking cost guide breaks down fair prices in your area the!